The Cabin’s Verdict

Sometime Early Summer 2015

To get back to the story-

Is the cabin saveable?

My dad graciously accepted my invitation to assess the building. I had high high hopes, as I (and some lovely friends) had already put in quite a bit of sweat equity to get it cleared out. With my not-so-discerning eyes the bones looked alright, except for the roof and a couple structural beams under the floor. Which, you know, are pretty dang important…

On a hot summer day we pulled on our boots and trudged out to the land, Dad looking extra spiffy in his coveralls. We checked out the roof, the beams, the floor, the walls…and through it all Dad was pretty quiet. I know he is an internal processor, but I was so anxious to hear if it could be saved!

The verdict finally came in.

After Erin and I plunged into an eternity of itchy arms and legs, the cabin turns out to be kaput. It could technically be saved, but it would involve tearing it almost all the way down to rebuild it. We’d have to jack up the entire structure to take out the beams holding it all up and replace them. They were clearly not treated wood and the weather and a massive amount of bugs had gotten to them. All of the walls would need replacing and there needed to be a bit of repair work on the framing.

So honey, here’s everything that you’d need to do…

That’s a lot.

I think someday I will restore the cabin, for history and nostalgia’s sake, but for now, I’d rather start with a clean slate. So I turned around and starting eyeing a cement pad close to the cabin to build on. Immediately I sighed, as it was buried underneath the remnants of a shed. Yet another pile of shit to clear.

Underneath all of this shit is a cement pad to build on!