Piles of Rubble

Fall 2015

With the verdict on the cabin being a no-go for renovation, I turned my sights on to a collapsed shed sitting atop a cement pad. At some point the shed had toppled over, leaving a not-so-small pile of rubble to clear off (see the image at the top of this post to see how much crap I had to move). Walls, roofing, and yes, even more itchy insulation, would all need to be hauled away.

Hooray…more insulation…

But where to put it? I decided to be a little cheeky. As I didn’t have a truck, or any desire to rent a dumpster, I drug the collapsed shed into the only other standing building on the property. It was clear that hunters had moved into this building. They had built permanent bunk beds along the wall and even punched out a bit of the roof to make an indoor tree stand. I have no plans on using this building either, as there are still remnants of a chemical spill from years ago…and it’s probably going to topple at any point too.

No more hunting for you! Covered this bunk bed up to stop hunters from using it.

Well, I piled all that rubble in front of their little paradise, sending a clear message that nope, they can’t hunt here anymore. With my muscles totally aching after a couple weekends of back breaking work, I finally had the cement pad nice and clear. The bonus of building on this pad is that I don’t have to worry about the foundation of the cabin I’ll be building: I can just build on top. No post holes to dig! I also won’t have to worry too much about growth underneath the structure. Wins all around.


It’s here that I grind to a halt for the 2016 winter.