It’s ok if it’s easy

I am a dreamer.

It’s something that my partner loves about me. It’s a drive that keeps me going. It’s a quality that my parents sometimes roll their eyes at and smile, because they know I’ll never stop moving and coming up with more big crazy ideas.


Remembering that the farm existed 3 years ago exploded a new world of dreams open for me. I have land outside of the city that I can escape to, get totally gross and muddy, swim in the pond, and watch plants slowly grow during Spring. Not only are there 88 acres for me to run around like a wild child in, there are 88 acres where dreams are infinite.

The biggest dream was to build a cabin on the land again to have a solid roof to sleep under when I visit. A while ago I wrote a post about my process of deciding whether or not to go pre-fab or my fab. I chose decidedly my fab. I wanted to learn how to draft, how to build, the intimate ins and outs of a structure.

But, it’s been 3 years since this dreams sprouted, and I have 3 windows, a door in my basement from the ReStore, and the beginnings of a draft. That’s really nothing in the grand scheme of things.

While on a drive down to Cincinnati to my partner’s favorite artist, Swoon, I finally swallowed my pride and accepted the fact that me doing all the design just wasn’t going to happen (or at least not happen any time soon).

So I went back to pre-fab.

Weaver Barns’ Kwit Kit was the perfect option. As a quaint little 8X12 structure it would do the trick. It would come pre-cut on a pallet- a perfect put together toy.

Yes, it would be smaller than the structure I would build, but let’s be honest: I don’t need space indoors at the farm. I need space enough to lay down a few heads and maybe cook a meal. The good space is all outside. 8X12 would do fine.

Weaver Barns is a family-owned operation outside of Sugarcreek, OH in the heart of Amish country. Being a small operation they are able to offer customization, even on their Kwik Kit. Pine barn siding, a window, a different type of door, a loft- I could get whatever I wanted and the price was more than just right.

A few weeks later I realized hey! I’m a copywriter! I could see if Weaver Barns would be willing to do a trade with me: they would get some sweet new website copy and I would get my getaway cabin. After sharing this with my aunt and Mom what started as an idea became a snowball.

Within in 3 days we had ordered the cabin to be delivered the day after my aunt arrived from Colorado to visit for the weekend. We would build it right then and there. So much for a trade. We wanted it to arrive when the family was visiting. All of the sudden 3 years of dreaming were coming true! 

The lesson here?

It’s ok if it’s easy. It’s ok if I chose to go with pre-fab because the fact of the matter is is that I just need a simple structure. I don’t need a picture perfect Instagrammable tiny house in the woods. I need a rustic cabin. And now I’m about to have one.

Stay tuned. There’s about to be a billion blog posts coming your way.